Marvel vs. DC at the Box Office

And the winner is…not surprising at all! While DC was cranking out Steel & Catwoman, Marvel was cranking out Spider-Man and X-Men. It’s been all downhill for DC from there (with the exception of the Bat-Nolan franchise) while Marvel’s been hitting them out of the park consistently (don’t look at Daredevil! Or the Fantastic Four movies. Or Elektra. Or the Ghost Rider films. Or Blade Trinity. Or X-Men 3. Or Spider-Man 3.Or X-Men Origins: Wolverine.). Find the per-film breakdown after the jump. I would’ve put it in the main body of the post but it’s just too massive and wrecks everything (ed.note: That’s what she said. HA HA HA GOOD SHOW.)

Link via TDWG

2 thoughts on “Marvel vs. DC at the Box Office

  1. the figures are irrelevant – we ALL lose with superhero movies – they are so generic and twitterpated they’re like attempting to digest a “Friends” re-run – Been Downhill and Hellbound since “Superman: the Movie” – heck, even “Superman II” has its blemishes – I AM NOT A BOOSTER (GOLD).



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