Ed Piskor’s Brain Rot: The Venom Action Figure

If you’ve not been reading Ed Piskor’s Brain Rot over at Boing Boing HOT DAMN you are missing out. He’s been doling out weekly strips on the early history of hip hop called Hip Hop Family Tree & it’s really incredible. You owe it to yourself to check it out and get some education while you’re at it. See who paved the way for Jay, A$Ap Rocky, Action Bronson and the like (but not Riff-Raff.  Definitely not Riff-Raff).

After the jump, Ed’s Nostalgic Memories of the NES.
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Over Three Minutes of Game of Thrones Season 2 Visual F/X Footage!

Dragons! Battle of Blackwater! White Walkers! Exclamation Points!

For those that are reading the books, what are the chances Jar Jar Martin is actually able to wrap up the entire series in even a quasi-satisfactory fashion?

Score One For the Good Guys: Borderlands 2 Arrives!

The end result of my tussle with the Honey Badger of Video Game Retailers? VICTORY BY 1ST ROUND GOGOPLATA!!

Also? I SUCK at Photoshop. Anyone out there want to give me some pointers?

P.S. If you ever do encounter an actual honey badger, rubber guard & submission grappling is probably not your best defense. I think it would turn your crotch into chili in approx. 4 seconds.

This Week’s Comics Haul: I’m the Richest Man in the World!

At least I will be this week as there are basically zero comics coming out this week (and some super basic zero issues ZING OH SHIT DC CHEMICAL BURRRRRRRRRRRRRN)

Harvest #1

The Walking Dead #102

Before Watchmen (was whored out) Nite Owl #03

Daredevil #18 a.k.a. Cover of the Week

Dark Tower: Man in Black #04

Wonder Woman #0

Superman Fashion Show

I think the only superhero who changes costumes more frequently than the Man of Steel is the Man of Spiders (ed. note: No one calls him that dude. No one.), Peter Parker. I’d like to see a comparison chart, actually. If only I knew some ARTISTS who were good at drawing COMICS on the WEB. Hmmm.

As for the choices below, I’m firmly in the camp that believes if you ain’t the Red Son then you ain’t shit, son. (Although All Star Superman gets a a big ol’ high five as well)

(Link via TDW)