With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Eight: Eaten by the Moment.

My previous post was subtitled “…Chapter Nine:…” – What happened to Chapter Eight? What happened to the Dufrenes?!? How can you blog at a time like this, when Chapter Eight is lost in the wilderness of Antarctic Hollywood with Anthony Hopkins, Liam Neeson, and Dennis Quaid staring slack-jawed and salivating like voracious Mumm-Ra underlings??!?!?! Hey, man, there’s a whole lotta smartness out there — Try not to get any of it on ya.

I finally watched “Battle Royale” – I sandwiched it sauerkraut-style between the fatalistically futilitarian “Knowing” and the Didn’t-the-80s-Just-Make-You-Feel-Like-a-Splattered-Baked-Potato-on-a-Windshield “Down and Out in Beverly Hills”. The movie filled me with the requisite joy and pluck to face forward and confront with raised eyebrow and twirly ‘stache that Infernal Racket-‘n’-Clamor that Man has Dubbed…TUESDAY. Tell me again about the appeal of this..this..Quentin Tarantino somethin’-or-other; I’m not certain I can wrap my mind ’round it…or my Fists of Fury.

I’m a notorious Disaster Movie junkie – Iced coffee and the End of the World <—-One Cancels the Other. IT DOESN'T END LIKE YA THINK IT DOES!! Movies like "Knowing" that can't creep through a midnight kitchen raid shouldn't be cursorily rejected for its prosaic storyline – just think of every new Disaster Movie as another Head of Tiamat or Tentacle of the Kraken (hey – another post in which the Kraken is namedropped – your interpretation of obsequiousness may ink your epitaph, but I'll be laughing on the Shoulders of Madness MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAH)

And so it goes.

Just a Whole Mess of Marvel NOW! Artwork, Including Upcoming Variant Covers

Now that Marvel NOW is neigh, a flood of artwork has come pouring out of the House of Ideas and we here at MB HQ are ankle deep in it (HQ is atop a fairly steep slope)! Check it all out and have faith, ye of little: whatever shape this thing happens to take (Spider-Clone? Or first year Ultimate Universe?) you can’t scoff at the art. I’m also not ashamed to say that baby Illuminati interests me. Oh tiny Reed Richards, you are a delight.

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Amazon: The Honey Badger of Video Game Retailers

Aww, you want your game? WE AIN’T CARE; we already have your money.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that’s been reading Modern Borefare that I have been anxiously awaiting Borderlands 2. At long last,  the day is almost upon us; in roughly a day I shall finally have it in my grubby clutches.

Rather, you would think you’d have the game on release day if you’d pre-ordered from Amazon and you would be WRONG. Very quietly, Amazon has apparently moved away from “same day delivery as brick and mortar” for new releases. I thought it odd that when I’d pre-ordered Sleeping Dogs there was no mention of same day as release, but because it had beenfor so long that I just assumed it would be delivered on a Tuesday and failed to properly investigate it. Much to my chagrin, the game came almost a week later.

fool me once…

Even with Prime membership, mind you.

So last night, while updating the shipping address from my apartment to my office to ensure that UPS didn’t bone me out of my game (just leave the package, dude!), I saw that the estimated delivery date for Borderlands 2 (Which I’d ordered, what, three weeks ago?) was September 21st. Amazon wasn’t even able to get the game to me a day after release. Unbelievable. I contacted customer service about this issue and while they were nice enough about the entire situation, they weren’t exactly forthcoming with answers. They claimed that is was “an unexpected issue with the distributor”. But when I asked whether they thought this was an issue that customers should proactively be made aware of, the customer service rep just issued some boilerplate response.

I then asked if Amazon couldn’t guarantee the game on release day to Prime members who had pre-ordered the game, why should I even bother shopping through them for games in the first place? The CSR didn’t really have an answer (I didn’t expect him to, it’s not his job to make sure this happens) but since I’m betting that Amazon probably logs and analyzes every interaction they have with customers, maybe someone will see it.

Apparently, this has been an ongoing issue as well; see this thread for more. It’s really frustrating to know that I have to wrangle a customer service rep to even get the item that I purchased shipped to me in a timely fashion.  Might as well go back to my local video game stores. While I may not get triple Amazon points through them, they do generally break street dates so at least I’m getting the game early.

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