Incoming! New Thunderbolts Team Hits in December

Lookit this lineup! Red Hulk! Deadpool! Elektra! Venom! Punisher! Check out the cover and tell me you don’t want to read this book:

your doom


Though, to be honest, it looks like it’s drawing inspiration from two places:

fantastic cash in

But at least Wolverine isn’t in it (yet)!

The jaded cynic in me sees this as a quick cash-grab, a “let’s throw all the bad asses on one team, give them cool costumes and sell a boatload of books! Fanboys’ll buy anything” kind of book (see the Fantastic Four image above, which could be seen as a trial run for this series). That thought is kind of born out by the matching color schematic last seen used on Uncanny X-Force (take familiar costume, tweak colors, viola!).

BUT. It’s a powerful visual and the potential shenanigans of the series intrigue me. Because, well…I’m a fanboy, dammit. OH YOU DIDN’T KNOW? Guess we’ll find out in September, with more square Steve Dillon faces than we can shake a resurrected Phoenix at.
(Link via Comics Alliance)

4 thoughts on “Incoming! New Thunderbolts Team Hits in December

  1. Point of order! Point of order!

    Wouldn’t Punisher just kill all those guys? Why would one put Punisher on a team of “ex-” supervillains?


  2. First and foremost: $$$

    Other than that,maybe it’s an “enemy of my enemy is my friend” kind of thing. Then he shoots them when they are no longer furthering his needs.

    If any of the Punisher Max stuff is on Marvel Digital, I highly recommend reading them.


  3. Yeah, money. Maybe that’s part of the story though: keeping the Punisher from shooting Wade in the back of the head (not that it would do any good).

    I’ve read Punisher Max on Digital. Not as good as I expected, but my expectations were high. I also read Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe (on Digital). Also disappointing. But good ending.

    Speaking of disappointing, I don’t think there was a Thunderbolts book I liked. Even the Dark Avengers kind of sucked. There is so much more people could do with those guys.


  4. I’ve never really gone in for the Thunderbolts. I like the concept but I don’t think it’s ever been executed well.

    You didn’t like Punisher Max? Ludicrous! Well, there’s a few series that kind of fall in that category:
    – The Punisher (later called The Punisher: Frank Castle), written by Garth Ennis and is awesome
    – PunisherMAX newer and super badass
    – Then there was the revival of the character back in 2001, a 12 issue limited series just called The Punisher

    After having written the words “The Punisher” so many times, it now seems incredibly silly.



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