G4 No More

I’ve never really cared much for G4 (I much preferred the defunct TechTV it absorbed, back in the day) but this is still some sad news. Apparently some time next year NBC Universal will be rebranding the last bastion of video game-centric programming on television, shifting its focus even further away from games and nerd culture in general. I suppose this has been coming for some time, especially given the recent departures of stars like Adam Sessler. I won’t miss idiot wannabe MTV hosts (lookin’ at you, Ms. Munn) mugging their way through teleprompted lines about games they’ve never heard of. Nor will I miss bald 30-year-olds who are not me getting to talk about games all day for money. But those things were way better than whatever WWE garbage and reality programming are sure to be in the pipe.

Adios G4. I’ll never forget the time I stayed home from work to watch your tape delayed E3 coverage.

2 thoughts on “G4 No More

  1. Kind of sad but then again I haven’t watched it in probably…4 years? Besides, didn’t it only have 3 shows? X-Play, Attack of the Show & re-runs of Ninja Warrior. Ahwell. At least it launched the career of your favorite actress going, Ms. Olivia Munn.



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