Lazy Thursday Night Links (Smash Them Open, Find Treasure)

Whoops.  Went out after work for *one* beer. You know how that goes <sad trombone>. Never fear though; I’ve found a couple of interesting things totally worth checking out while I check out from this evening.

– Wrap up of today’s unveiling of Amazon’s trinity of Kindle Fire devices.

– Nuke the Fridge reports that the Blu-Ray Director’s Cut of The Dark Knight Rises will feature the origin of Bane! Venom or GTFO.

Another Game We Should Have But Don’t: The Wire RPG.  You leave Ziggy alone!

– Batman: The Animated Series debuted 20 years ago! You’re old now.  Relieve your misspent youth by watching the pilot, “On Leather Wings”.

15 Things you’ll never hear gamers say.



A Super Mario Bros. Summary: Every Super Mario Bros. level summarized in a single screen sheet. Like so:

Play it in your browser instead of doing work tomorrow! That’s what I’m planning on doing.


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