Trailer Park: Marvel Heroes

Straight from PAX! Gameplay footage from the apparently free to play (!) Marvel MMO. Sadly, unless a miracle happens, I’ll never get a chance to play this. In this one instance, boooooo having a Mac. Well, booooo for this and for The Secret World. Actually though…it’s probably better off that my gaming options are narrower, not broader.


Too Slow on the Draw Again: Houses of Westeros Sigils Poster

This why you should  never go on vacation: you missed out on buying umcredible posters like this:


This (now sold out) poster was designed & created by a Nike designer, so you know the guys got chops. I guess the only answer is to never take your eyes off of the Internet. Not even for one second. Otherwise, how else will you work on eroding your social skills AND your hoarding?

Raise Your Q Rating With Some Sweet New Comic Shirts

The cool thing about these incredible pieces by Melissa Smith over at Society 6 is that you can get them as t-shirts, posters of various sizes, iPhone cases…basically anything you have and want to slap these sweet prints on, you can. It’s your lucky day!