Marvel Comics: What’s on Tap?

Upcoming cover art for Marvel titles, including AvX, AvX Consequences, Winter Solider, Dark Avengers, Marvel NOW, and Wolverine and the X-Men. The final issue of AvX is slated to hit in September leading into the launch of Marvel NOW in October, which isn’t a re-boot or a re-imagining or a re-launch or re-levant (ha). Marvel Heroes: Never Stop Punching Faces.

(Via Comic Book Resources)

2 thoughts on “Marvel Comics: What’s on Tap?

  1. The ORIGINAL Dark Avenger –> USAgent. I am an unabashed booster. Last night, I dreamt Daredevil jumped to the DC Universe and was drawn by Jerry Ordway.


  2. That happened, except in the Image Universe of the ’90’s and was called Wildstar. It was terrible.

    I ALSO am a fan of USAgent and his not-quite DC counterpart KGBeast.



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