New Grand Theft Auto V Shots

Straight from Rockstar’s website, under the heading “Transport” I can’t image these are real, in-game shots; at least not from a copy of the game running an any current gen-consoles. But with the promise of new info later this week (possibly a release date? A grand unveiling at New York Comic Con?), it will definitely be worth keeping an eye on Rockstar’s site.


Ron Palillo, 1949-2012

Ooooohhhhh Ohhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh

Ron Pallilo, famously known for playing Arnold Horshack on the 1960’s classic TV Show Welcome Back, Kotter, passed away last week at the age of 63.  The show itself, and more importantly the character of Horshack, was one of the first shows & one of the first characters that had an impact on my life.  It’s almost as if I knew that this person was someone who I would emulate in high school years; looking back now we certainly had a lot of similarities.

I remember being in 8thgrade and waiting until 10:30 p.m.when Welcome Back, Kotter would come on.  I would then put my tape recorder up to the TV speaker, hit record then fall asleep. During language arts class at school the next day, when the teacher assigned us 45 minutes of reading time, I would pretend to read a book while I was really listening to the previous nights episode via a single head phone that I would thread through my sweater.  I’m surprised my teacher couldn’t figure it out; I mean, I was reading the same Star Wars book for the entire year and laughing out loud during most of the class.

One of my favorite scenes is when he’s reciting a poem by Elizabeth Barret Browning.  “Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways.  One….two…….three.”  Gets me every time.

Welcome Back, Kotter was the first show that made me realize that strong characters are what make a show great.  I try my best to forget the Palillo vs. Diamond boxing match on Celebrity Boxing, but hey, you can’t win ’em all.

Juan Epstein & Arnold Horshack – Gone but not forgotten

After the jump, that very same Palillo vs. Diamond celebrity boxing match! Have your lye handy, your eyes are going to need a good scrubbing after this.

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Review: Avengers vs X-Men #10 – Secret Power Source

Look, I agree I might be a bit obsessed with Cyclops’ Phoenix-Force mandated thong, but clearly so is Marvel. Why else would it be so prominent on this cover?

In this issue, Cyclops shows up to K’un Lun ready to wreck shit (preferred) in his quest to bring Hope back home (less preferred). Everyone gives it their Avengers-brand® all, but of course it’s not enough. Look, you would think that in 50 years of defending the Earth from threats ranging from small time crooks to reality-devouring villains, the Avengers would know that individuals who tend to both glow and float are generally a large problem.
Yet you’ve still got Hawkeye out there, ready to bounce a few arrows harmlessly off of Cyclops’ face.

That, of course, goes about as well as could be expected, with Cyke just DOMINATING everyone then afterword throwing some shade the Avengers way. Man, Phoenix Force Five Two Cyclops is kind of a dick.

Cyclops to Avengers: “LOL WUT”

You know that bottom panel is just begging for a Kirby-esque “KRAKKA-DOOM!!!” Plus, awesome call back to on of my favorite bits from Fraction & Aja’s Immortal Iron Fist, where they used to put all of the moves employed by Danny & his fellow Immortal Weapons into little captions. Dance of 1000 Monkeys! Shattering Palm Strike! Brooklyn Headbutt! I also really enjoyed seeing Cyclops out of his element for the first time in this series and just dumped on his ass after hovering about, lording it over everyone.

Anyone wanna bet that next issue features Cyclops heading back to Earth after recovering from the ass-kicking Hope gave him, dispatching Emma via first round rear naked choke,absorbing all of the Phoenix Force and then just going bonkers?

Here’s the music video that really inspired Cyclops when it came time to put together his new costume:

I really can’t wait for this event to be over.  Then again, that means Marvel NOW! will be kicking off and I’m not exactly sure how thrilled I am for that.  Hmm.  QUITE THE FIENDISH LITTLE CONUNDRUM, MARVEL. Quite…the conundrum.

Modern Borefare: What We’re Currently Playing

Impervious Rex:  Console-wise, I just got promoted from Homicide to Vice in L.A. Noire; I hope I’m almost done with the game as Sleeping Dogs is giving me the stink eye.  L.A. Noire probably cemented Rockstar as my favorite game developer; look at the murderer’s row of games they’ve dropped in the past few years: Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire and Max Payne 3. All interesting takes on established genres, all completely compelling (until they aren’t). On my phone, I’m currently cementing myself as the #1 player in the world (for real) at Fairway Solitaire. Check the leaderboards! On my iPad, I’ve gone back to Infinity Blade II, though I’m a tad ashamed to say that I’ve also stared playing The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Then on Facebook I’ve been completely consumed with Avengers Alliance, which is basically Farmville for comic book degenerates.

thegreekdog: In my spare time, of which there is little, apart from reading, I’ve been playing two games. On my X-Box, I’ve been playing MLB 2K12 while on the elliptical machine (it is both a talent and a curse – I can play video games on the elliptical, but I can’t work out on the elliptical without playing video games). I’ve decided to play the career version of MLB2K12 which involves creating a player and taking him through the minor leagues with various goal. Nick Siamidis had quite a year last season, hitting .330 with 3 homers and 40+ RBIs in two months with the Reading Phillies. He also played a slick third base. Siamidis was invited to spring training in his second season, but after hitting below the Mendoza-line during spring training he was sent back to the AA affiliate (Reading). Mashing the ball at Reading, Siamidis was recently called up to AAA Scranton Iron Pigs. Siamidis is hitting almost .400 with a homer and 20 RBIs in less than a month, so he’s looking for a call up to the big club soon. The game is good to an extent. I’m a little frustrated that I’m hitting .400 with a 79 rating (the current Phillies third baseman is a 72) because I haven’t met the goal of hitting 6 homers or having 6 sacrifice bunts. Anyway…

I’m also playing Star Wars Empire at War which is a mix of grand strategy and RTS. I’m not sure what I can say about this game other than if you like Star Wars and have a passing interest in strategy games, this one is for you.

vicious pjurahead: Hey, ViciousPJurahead here, there & everywhere. I’m playing Max Payne 3 and based on the trophies and the way story is progressing I think  I’m in the final 3rd of the game. I have also just downloaded Ticket to Ride for iOS which I play at night before bed when I get lonely. Following Max Payne 3 I will move onto the seedy underbelly known as Sleeping Dogs.

adam: What am I playing right now? I’m at the beach where it’s been raining for two days straight so I’m playing a drinking game at 10:30 in the morning. When I return to civilization I’ll continue plodding through Crysis 2, which is much better than it’s given credit for. I do a lot of iOS gaming. Dead Space on the iPhone is totally serviceable and Autumn Dynasty for iPad is insanely good (if a little simplistic). That machine was built for RTS. Please port Age of Empires to the iPad, leave some food outside my door and GO AWAY.

Trailer Park: The Man With The Iron Fists – Red Band Trailer #2

The RZA will:

1) Make you a weapon.

2) Coat his fists in metal

3) Uppercut your head off. Caution: Your eye may pop out of your head first.

Related: Even though Dave Bautista never pulled the trigger on an MMA career, he’s surfaced as a Chinese Dynasty-era Colossus with terrible tattoos. Score?

Peace Out, Tony Scott

While details are still coming in, it appears that 68-year-old director Tony Scott killed himself last night, August 19, 2012, by jumping off a bridge in San Pedro, California. I hope he was comfortable with his choice, and that it gave him the resolution he sought.

I never liked Scott as a director. His trademark super-saturated color palette, intentionally sloppy camera work and nausea-inducing cuts always struck me as terribly film school. He never really evolved beyond the style he found success with in movies like Days of Thunder in the 80s. But I can’t deny his much-imitated contribution to the action genre, even if it laid the foundation for an entire generation of movies that cater to the lowest common attention span. His films were consistently exciting and he always got the most out of whatever big name celeb happened to be headlining. Over the last few years, it was Denzel Washington who served as Scott’s muse, the actor’s declining physique an unintentional reminder of Scott’s aging artistic sensibilities.  Yet for all their gratuitous hyperkineticism and sappy sentimentality, movies like Man on Fire and Unstoppable remain adrenaline-soaked guilty pleasures.

While big brother Ridley will forever been seen as the more artistic and successful of the Scott brothers, one thing I always marveled at was how much of an impact Tony’s style had on Ridley’s as the latter moved into the pop phase of his career.  All you have to do is look at stuff like G.I. Jane and Blackhawk Down (and, yes, even the Best Picture-winning Gladiator) to see how much Ridley looked to his younger sibling to stay relevant to younger audiences.

For my money, Tony Scott’s finest effort was the gritty Kevin Costner starrer, Revenge. It was a flawed enterprise with a disjointed storyline and some head scratching moments (Was he seriously suggesting a character died of shame? Is that a thing?), but it was ambitious in ways his mainstream thrillers never approached. Tony Scott never won Oscars. His legacy can be reduced to a litany of movies people really enjoyed. He wasn’t afraid to be trite or trashy to put asses in the seats, and in that regard he was an unqualified success. In that spirit, I think it’s fitting to eulogize the man with something from his biggest early hit, a scene that, for better or worse, will live forever: