200 Posts! Let’s Celebrate!!

…by taking a survey. Nah, no survey this time. But I did want to take the time to thank each and everyone of you who has stopped by during the course of your frenetic Internet travels to check out the site and leave likes & comments sprinkled about. Keep ’em coming! Your participation is as important to us as our deep & abiding love of comics, video games, film & pop culture. We have a whole host of exciting things on tap for the next 200 posts here on Modern Borefare and we’re very much looking forward to providing the interesting & timely content that (we hope!) you are starting to expect from us. Here’s to another 200 wonderful posts!!  If there’s something you’d like to se us cover in the future/ something you want us to never cover again/ have tips for us/ or just want to chat, please use our direct Email Us link.  Now, all of the congratulatory images I could scrounge up in a sub-five minute Google image search. Fuzzah!