On Sleeping Dogs *UPDATE* *UPDATE #2*

So wait, you did say you want a John Woo-style, open world Hong Kong action game made by Square Enix? Then Sleeping Dogs (may) have you covered.  Even though I’ve just started playing L.A. Noire, I think this is going to be a worthy pickup. Anyone planning on buying this game?

UPDATE 08.13.12 9:23pm – Being weak-willed, I DID buy Sleeping Dogs and it’s all set to arrive tomorrow, barring any massive  mistakes on Amazon’s part.  Like when they delivered Skyrim to an address on the complete other side of New York City last November.  As I may have mentioned before, I do, when possible, try to spport my local gaming shops and they in turn support me by breaking street dates.  So why didn’t I attempt to get an early copy of Sleeping Dogs? Well, two reasons really.  1) I’m right in the middle of L.A. Noire at the moment and 2) this was a complete impulse purchase.  This game may be garbage! Who knows? I’ll get you next time, local video game store!

UPDATE #2 08.14.12 11:26am – Well, it certainly seems like Amazon is in the “boning Impervious Rex” business, because the game I ordered with the understanding that it would arrive today? No, not so much.  It’s currently slated to arrive on Friday! The Hell, man? Granted, I wouldn’t have played it ’til then, but that’s not the point. It’s the principle of the matter, is it not? I’m a Prime member, it was an item available for Prime shipping, yet somehow the item takes five days to be delivered? Something’s rotten in Denmark. I contacted customer service and they (unhelpfully) explained that “while it may take five days to get to you, I can guarantee that it won’t”. How they could  guarantee that or why it wouldn’t arrive earlier they were, of course, unable to answer. BBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Amazon. Boo them unmercifully.  

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