Trailer Park: Borderlands 2’s Handsome Jack Bets His Numbers Are Bigger Than Your Numbers

New Borderlands 2 gameplay? Check,

Introduction to the main villain from the game? Check,

Complete inability to pick a class for the upcoming game? Triple check.

If I was a cynic (Ed. note: You? Nooo.) I would say that Borderlands was a brightly colored, highly interactive Excel workbook masquerading as a game with ridiculous fetch-quests thrown on top.  But since I’m not, I won’t. Also, I happen to love highly interactive Excel workbooks masquerading as games.  Borderlands 2? Can’t. Wait. Please Gearbox, please: don’t disappoint me.

The Granularity

Ready to watch your time evaporate?  If you’re at work, the answer is yes and I’ve just done you a solid.  This is Sand lets you go nuts in the sandbox that’s limited only to the size of your browser window.  To return the favor, please tell one of your friends about See? I got you, you got me, it all works out. Literal sandbox