New World Warrior Order

What’s clever about this Street Fighter poster by art superstar (in my eyes, if not yours) Ken Wong is that all of the characters shown are in the order they showed up as playable characters in the series.  Now then, trivia & Street Fighter nerds: which characters showed up first in which games?  Aaaaannnnddd….GO (to the comments section to log your answers).  After that, check out Ken’s website for some truly great art including an epic slug battle that has to be seen to be believed.  (link via Kotaku) After the jump, the most mesmerizing thing  12-year old me had ever seen. And no, not porn.

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This Week’s Comic’s Haul: What I’ve Got

Is it just me or…is this a pretty weak week for comics? Also, yes, I’m going to get Gambit. Don’t judge me. I fully expect either Ozymandia or Archer & Armstrong be the best books of this very, very skimpy week.

Art for (Video Game) Art’s Sake

Can you believe that these are all the work of one uber-talented genius? BECAUSE THEY ARE. He goes by the name of Genzoman and if this little taste of his work intrigues you, definitely go check his site out. I am completely blown away by this; I can barely draw a circle that doesn’t end up looking like an octagon. The only things I’ve nailed, drawing wise, is a wingless chicken and a tornado (which you can turn upside down and make into a Christmas tree). Art’s not a crime, though my attempts at it clearly are.

(Via Kotaku)

Trailer Park Two-fer: After Aperture & A Making of Game of Thrones

For those of us (me: late to the party, you: probably should have played it by now) who’ve played Portal 2 and were left with the question of, “Well…what’s next?”, someone has ginned up an answer using Valve’s Source engine.  Pretty moving:

Curious about what it takes to bring Game of Thrones to life? Well, BE CURIOUS NO MORE!!