Trailer Park: First Look at Black Ops II Multiplayer

As much as I’ve bitched & moaned about this game (and will continue to do so right up until release day) this looks super awesome. Dammit.  DAMMIT. Every year they pull me back in!  Am I really so bereft of willpower?

Notes from the trailer:

– What is that thing he’s throwing?

– I like that they’ve changed the kill notifications.

– Is one of the killstreaks a portable microwave emitter?

– Those flying Dragonfire things are going to be as annoying as the RC cars from Black Ops I.  Just you wait.

– You can get a MECH? That is awesome & wholly unfair.

– The throwing implement this go round is a sweet looking hand axe. I look forward to sticking this in your skulls, anonymous BOII players.

– Kamikaze swarms?

One thought on “Trailer Park: First Look at Black Ops II Multiplayer

  1. I have to get back in the swing of things. Im missing out on all of these video game release promos. Im hoping that not every level is not ultra futuritic. I would have assumed that the next Modern Warfare and the Black Op franchise would finish off the Cold War storyline. (There was a storyline?)

    Im very pleased with the various new modes that were released for MW3 and I’m upset that I just discovered them 3 days before my European travels for the summer. I look forward to examining them more and polishing up my skills. All that sounds good until I get put into a room with 9th level prestigers and my morale/confidence hit rock bottom in about 42 seconds.

    -Seems like the character blend in a little too well with background making killing more difficult

    -I’m still amazed at how these players cycle through weapons/accessorie choices without skipping a beat. They do it with uch pinache its quite incredible

    -Love the new font

    Here is a past conversation between imperviousRex and myself one launch night

    (Phone Rings)
    VPH – Hey whats man, whats going?
    IR – I’m at midnight launch. These high school kid behind me are super annoying.
    VPH – Up until around 3 hour ago you swore you werent getting the game
    IR – Yeah……… I know.


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