Batcave Inspired Home Theater

Shockingly, little mention of price. Probably more than the system I’ve cobbled together from discarded Ikea pieces found on the streets of Queens. Just a guess though. (Via)

Review: AvX #9, Featuring the Death of Spider-Man

Ok, not really.  But seriously, look at this:
Faceless by punching You’re telling me that non-healing power enabled Peter Parker was able to survive a straight right hand from an organic steel covered, Juggernaut AND Phoenix powered Colossus? No way. Look, I know this is “comics” but come on. Peter’s head should look like some extra lumpy chili inside that mask! He shouldn’t be able to be swinging from rock outcropping to rock outcropping all nimbly-bimbly! Let’s say he survives that first punch (doubtful); Colossus still goes berserk on him for the majority of the next two pages! In one of the panels he stands on Parker’s back! Colossus weighs 500 lbs when transformed, the Juggernaut, 1,900lbs! Parker’s guts should have shot out of his mouth (or what was left of it) at that point!

Before we get to the non-death of Spider-Man,  AvX rolls on.  I think the idea to focus on Spider-Man this issue was interesting; though the foreshadowing was pretty heavy-handed in his conversation with Hope. Back to Spider-Man in a minute as elsewhere it looks like the Phoenix Five Four are starting to fold under the cosmic might of The Phoenix. Emma is starting to crack and after being basically ignored by Cyclops when she asked for help, she flits off and melts the brain of some guy who had just been sitting down to dinner. How does that work? Ding-Dong! “Who is it?” “Uh…some hot naked glowing lady.” “Does she want to come in for dinner?” BRAIN-MELT.

At the infirmary in K’un-L’un, why is everyone still in costume? You’re injured, put some sweat pants on!

Magick & Colossus toss Thor in a volcano that is actually housing an incursion of Limbo onto Earth.  I thought Limbo was supposed to be a place of nothing; layaway for the soul until someone comes by and scoops you up. Now it’s all fire-n-brimstone & full of demons? Hmmm. Storm looks on, concerned. But then she’s all “Whatevs” and flies back off to Wakanda where T’Challa is all, “Hey Ororo, guess what?”

Colossus has apparently gone crazy (see last issue of Wolverine & The X-Men), tacking on legs to whales because he thought they’d be happier on land.  Turns out, not so much. He asks Magick for help in creating some new whales later on. Piotr, you crazy.

Anyways, the remaining Avengers try a last ditch full-frontal assault on where the Avenger prisoners are being kept; the aforementioned Limbo incursion. They get handled easily by Magick & Colossus, at which point Spider-Man somehow makes everyone retreat, creates a rockslide to seperate the X-Men and the fleeing Avengers, then takes on Magick & big shiny C himself. Which brings us full circle to the magically unkillable Peter Parker. Who not only doesn’t die when facing these two demi-gods, but manages to actually talk them to death. Ok, not legit death, but enough that they knocked each other out (?) and lost their Phoenix powers. And with that we are down to the Phoenix Two. Including super codpiece sporting Cyclops:



Three more issues of this? Oh, brother.

With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Three: Grimace, Grumble, Gripe and Growl in the Aftermath of the Vagabond Villainy of VACATIONFACE!

(The title of the post is due to temporary bodily possession by the ghosts of Graham Chapman and Dudley Moore…these are the manner of poltergeist that is neither easily nor voluntarily expulsed. Consequently, beg pardon beg pardon beg pardon from Point of Type to Point of Beldar Conehead’s cranium. Stay with us, children…the terror has commenced…)

I’ve just returned from Martha’s Vineyard. The falafel is uproarious in the Vineyard. The idle gadabouts wear their “Masshole” and “Hahvahd” and “Life is Good” paraphernalia proudly in the region – Worry Not, True Believers! I countered with a “Life is Crap” hat, dark (prescription) sunglasses, and the blue t-shirt with Spongebob sternly asseverating, “I AM NOT A WEENIE!”, so the natives would realize the MARTIANS HAD LANDED. The mind raced the duration of my holiday – The culprit was not the caffeine. <—Great band title there…”The Culprit Was Not the Caffeine”…my gift to you…if plucked by a nameless musical quartet/band of sonorous scalawags, your sound is firmly fixed betwixt the twang of Anthrax and the twitch of Willie Nelson…

The mere freckles of time outside of Prince Namor’s Command were spent nose in several obvious orts of literature, the highlight being “Tales from Development Hell: The Greatest Movies Never Made?” by David Hughes, which documents the sotted, serpentine soirees-to-screen of Tim Burton’s “Planet of the Apes”, Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, the 4th Indiana Jones movie, among others, and also tells the woeful tales of those projects that may never see the light of your local cineplex, such as “The Hot Zone”, “The Crusades”, and “The Sandman”. Oh, how we crash and burn, crash and burn, only to emerge like the phoenix and stagger a-gain and a-gain and a-gain – it is TO LAUGH. The Hollywood Insiders Don’t Want You to Read This Book! <—Did this statement impede your frenzied, arm-swinging jaunt to the bookmart for immediate purchase? C’mon, ya love movies. Read the book. Deadly mesmerizing. Grade: A

Segue into my appreciation for “The Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show”…Ruby-Spears Production that ran on ABC from 1979-1981, heavily syndicated throughout the 1980s, last seen on your TeeVee Box back a spell prob’ly on the USA network. Good ‘ol USA Network: They Accept your Cartoon Discards. Next stop – Boomerang!
I-Yam-Wud-I-Yam Today because I was raised WITHOUT the USA Cartoon Express as my Good Parent. *sigh* The success of “The Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show” meant zaniness and boyscoutishness could marry like Danny DeVito and The Fabulous Moolah in the superhero cartoon genre; hence, “The Tick” and “Freakazoid” were so successful in the 1990s. Here’s a short list of the unusual adversaries who attempted to render Plastic Man to Grandma’s Rotting Play-Doh-on-the-Windowsill Collection: The Weed (a plant in a trenchcoat!), The Clam (a clam with a skipper’s hat, an eyepatch, and a Mer-Man vocal dialect), The Carrot Man (NOT a half-man, half-vegetable – a disgruntled game-show contestant), The Disco Mummy (Try THAT role, Anne Hathaway!), Thunder Man (an African-American villain transparently conceived as the Bizarro Black Vulcan – an ostentatious, brazen jab at Hanna-Barbera [who eventually engulfed Ruby-Spears with the appetite of the shark from “Jaws 2”]), and my diggity-dang favorite baddie, the Hippotist, who was an anthropomorphic, aristocratic hippopotamus with a monocle. The question begged: Why Hippotist over Hypnopotamus? Aye, verily, I wander – One can easily categorize this TV program as one of the sustainable elements of my youth, next to “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe”, “The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure”, and “Blackstar”. “We Were the Masters of the Universe (When You Blinked): The Rise and Fall of Filmation Animation” will surely be the subject of a later post…*chilling tones of grim foreboding to be inserted at this juncture*…

The lesson of “The Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show” is your villains don’t need to be sober, straitlaced megalomaniacs, like Luthor, Brainiac, Kang, Dr. Doom – your villains are sometimes The Wacky Guy in the Contiguous Cubicle Who Has a Nifty Idea, born from Jolt cola and vending machine skullduggery. If the show was blissfully restored (yet justifiably given the same treatment as the original 1980 program – the recent Legion of Super-Heroes, Green Lantern, and Young Justice cartoons being evidence that superhero cartoons can also sink in the quagmire of self-absorbed ennui), I would love to see villains like Vacationface (sunburnt scofflaw on perpetual vacation, consistent week-long facial growth, unbuttoned shirt and flip-flops, supernatural ability to induce rapid indifference), Pottymouth (Toilet for a head and, surprisingly, Freshest Breath in the Underworld), and Itchy Palms and Hairy Knuckles (think Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise from their Cannonball Run days, now as cat burglars). Plastic Man’s new Numero Uno menace (logic/alliance of the stray philosophical nothingwheres of existence dictates) is:

Zooey Deschanel. The giggling, wriggling, walking pneumonia. 50% Armageddon, 50% Bjork. If you see Zooey Deschanel while you are Out and About in the Danger Zone, heed these sagacious syllables: CROSS THE STREET AND WALK IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. Furthermore, if you glimpse Kristen Wiig….get a good rev-up on the running clothesline, hmmm?

One Last Thought before I watch “One Step Beyond” episodes on Youtube: In My Next Life, I intend to be the Intangible Devastator that drove those “Final Destination” movies (another sustainable element in the Horror Movie Genre), and I shall specialize in the Chase and Conquest of Those Who Purchase Wu-Tang Clan t-shirts at The Gap…