The Dark Knight Returns: Returning as an Animated Film

Everyone’s favorite-by-default Batman mini-series, The Dark Knight Returns, is getting new life as an animated film. I’m of two minds on this though: 1) AWESOME! There have been hints of this before, most notably in Batman: The Animated Series:

but now a dedicated, full length version? Sign me up!

2)Slow down. Has anyone else noticed the creeping, naked greed & exploitation of anything ever remotely related to “geek” culture? Breaking up the Harry Potter finale into two parts, doing the same with Twilight, spreading The Hobbit over three films and now breaking up what really should be one animated film into two parts? It’s egregious but it’s not going to stop.

I realize it’s hard to get upset about; now instead of dashing off some quick cash-in, studios & producers are putting serious time and money into these products to really pay homage to the source material, to really bring it to life.  But there are definitely trade-offs for that devotion and this splintering of material is one of them.


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