UPDATED: The Martial Art Stylings of Batman

Article (courtesy of BloodyElbow) on Keysi, the martial arts Bruce Wayne employs (ed.note: Or is it deploys? Where’s my Strunk & White?) in all three Christopher Nolan Batman movies.

Bloody Elbow also provides in-depth articles on the striking & jiu-jitsu of Batman.  And if those skills don’t work, he’ll smack you in the face with a metal boomerang from afar.  Imagine you’re just standing there, minding your own business guarding some card game when all of a sudden you hear a low whistling then KLANG!!!  Smacked right in the mush with a jagged hunk of metal.  Three of your front teeth break off at the gums, your mouth is now full of blood and tooth shards and you’re trying to puzzle togther just what the hell happened when a giant guy in a costume pops out of the shadows, grabs you by the collar and harai goshi‘s you to death.

Henchman life in Gotham is a hard life.

UPDATE 07.27.12: Bloody Elbow has updated their “The Martial Arts of the Dark Knight” feature, this time with a look at the wrestling, savate, fencing and mixed martial arts of the g.d. Batman.

Take it!


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