With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Two: The Man Who Killed the Superhero (Movie)/Six Degrees from a Graboid

Shock to the Joints and Points of our Cowls, the new Batman movie might have thrown in the towel…

The Tidal Wave of online reviews for “The Dark Knight Rises” seems to combine antipathy, depression, furrowed brows, bemusement, outrageous expletive explosions, unmitigated disappointment, shattered dreams, mouthwatering self-aggrandizement, and tears tears tears…. Perhaps, little Batmen and Batgirls, this time, you DIDN’T get whatcha paid for…

Batmoviemania aside, movie ticket sales remain high, as the Disenfranchised Populi still seek Escapist Fare, clutching shredded optimism in their sweaty palms like Linus holding his “security” blanket. Bizarro Perhaps: We’re just gonna keep doin’ this, aren’t we? *sigh*

The slightest suggestion of a Superhero Movie – anywhere in LA, NY, NJ, even Bollywood, if boldness pursues – should be countered with a thrashing to the head and shoulders by the irate phantasms of departed wrestlers Road Warrior Hawk, Chris Benoit, and Dick Murdoch. Aw, heck…let all the Dead Rasslers take a turn at ya, hmm?

I hope this poem – written just two weeks ago – drives home the point I am valiantly trying to communicate. LEARN FROM IT.
the caped boy landed with a magnificent whooooshing flourish
in the parking lot of the local cinema.
he observed the marquee with an enthusiastic Kryptonian grin,
purchased a ticket, and entered Theater #3 to see “Superman IV: Quest for Peace”.
(100 minutes later)
the boy quietly discarded his cape in the nearest trash receptacle to
the alleyway exit of the cinema.
he walked home.

One More Wild Thought To Distract You During Tonight’s “Family Guy” Re-run:
If you are six degrees from Kevin Bacon, you’re six degrees from a Graboid.
Speaking only for me, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now, get up on your rooves…and be vewwy, vewwy quiet…

2 thoughts on “With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Two: The Man Who Killed the Superhero (Movie)/Six Degrees from a Graboid

    • That scene is on Infinite Repeat in my mind – Different figures replace Kevin Bacon in the climactic scene on the precipice of Impending-Graboid-Graveyard: How would Jackie Chan – Burt Reynolds – Judd Nelson – Gilbert Gottfried – Bill Paxton – Dan Aykroyd – Viggo Mortenson – react? This faces continue to accumulate…



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