I Just Saw The Dark Knight Rises…Let’s Discuss

But not here! I don’t want to be responsible for any spoilage. Head on down to the comments and let’s hash this all out. I’ll start with the declarative statement that this was not the best of the Nolan trilogy.

11 thoughts on “I Just Saw The Dark Knight Rises…Let’s Discuss

  1. So here goes. I walked out of the movie a bit…disappointed? I guess whatever I’d built it up to in my mind was never going to match what was on screen. I kept waiting though, for something and that something never happened. But if you ask me what that something is, I’m going to draw a blank.

    I think I just need to mull it over for another day or two…and maybe go see it at the legit IMAX theater next weekend. I did really like the last 5-10 minutes though, and one of the twists I never saw coming. That was cool.


    • No director *ahem* NO DIRECTOR will EVER replicate Bob Kane’s unique vision for the character. The wave of Superhero Movies must stop. The public engorging themselves on those Marvel comics flicks is not helping the True Spirit of the Medium.
      Anne Hathaway, Journal Entry 7/22/12: “Dear Princess Diary, today I dressed up like Catwoman and ETCHED THE EPITAPH ON THE TOMBSTONE OF ANOTHER FRANCHISE. Les Miserable is next on my diabolical agenda! xoxo Anne”


      • Sadly, the wave only grows. You saw Marvel’s Phase 2 plans. Plus there are Daredevil & Fantastic Four reboots on the way too.

        I’ll give her this: A. Hathaway was nowhere near as terrible as I was bracing myself for.


  2. At work, so I will keep things brief, but in summation, I was satisfied. I was not a mega-fan of this series anyway, I liked it, but Micheal Keaton is still my Batman.

    When I look back on DKR though there are just so many weird moments. What was up with the vaguely implied Selena Kyle/blond sidekick relationship? Why did we need all that nonsense in the pit? That was dead celluloid. What exactly is the message about the economy here besides “ARRRGGGHH we are frustrated?”

    I think Nolan’s Batman sometimes got too self-serious and forgot that it was supposed to be fun. I don’t need Batman to be the Godfather. I don’t need comic book movies to be “great” movies. The great ideas will always be happening in the books themselves. When I go to the movies basically all I am looking for is fan service.

    By that criteria, DKR is a mixed bag.

    Stuff that I did very much like:

    – Gary Oldman’s Gordon continued to be a scene stealer for me.
    – They gave us Robin without giving us Robin
    – I actually really enjoyed Bane’s voice, although the rest of the word seems to hate it.


  3. I enjoyed the movie. Was it an equal to “The Dark Knight”? No. Was it enjoyable? Definitely. Did I walk out disappointed? Not exactly – but it’s a movie that you need to digest a bit. I think if it was tightened up a bit, it would have worked better. I generally like to see longer films, but I think this is the exception to that rule. I will sure as shit see it on IMAX in a couple of weeks.

    I think there were some gaps in the story, but I’m not getting worked up about JGL’s real name being Robin, or some of the other nitpicky things that fanboys are griping about. It was a strong finish to a great trilogy. There was no fucking way it could top TDK, so not sure why people were expecting that.

    My biggest gripe is that we won’t get the “The Dark Knight Returns” in 10 years but rather another reboot a la “The Man of Steel” or “The Amazing Spiderman”.


  4. I loved (LOVED!) the Knightfall storyline when I was a kid (er… teenager). So I’m anxious about this movie.

    I just watched The Dark Knight again on Sunday. Other than agreeing with others that there was nowhere to go but down for the DKR movie, I note the heavy thematic undertones in that movie. I’ve also read the reviews for DKR and people seem to be indicating the same thing. So, these are SERIOUS movies! These are anti-Avenger/Iron Man movies. They are comic book movies clothed in capes of high thoughts. In Batman Begins, we have an origin storyline and it’s new and different so we don’t give much thought to serious stuff. In the Dark Knight we have the Joker who steals the movie so, again, not to much thinking needs to be done. Side Note: Watching the end of the Dark Knight (the post-Joker part of the film) where (SPOILER ALERT) Two-Face (oh wait, we can’t call him Two Face, that’s not serious enough) dies is ultra-serious. And the film’s not really as enjoyable any more. In DKR, it looks to be all serious all the time with no Joker. And, from what I’ve read, the seriousness doesn’t really hold up.

    So that’s my “haven’t watched the movie yet and probably won’t until it comes out on DVD” take.


    • Sneak away and go see it! I’m sure you’ve got some banked sick time you could use. Agreed that these are more serious movies, but then again DC has seemingly been a more serious universe. The majority of their books don’t seem to have the light-heartedness of Marvel books.

      They did call him Two-Face by the way, though in a roundabout fashion. Rewatch the scene with Dent & Gordon in the hospital.

      There are some moments of levity in DKR, just not as many as say, your Iron Man or Avengers.


  5. I remember now. “SAY IT!”

    I guess I’m not talking about levity so much as fun. The Batman movies aren’t really “fun” in the way that Iron Man or Avengers are. Even when Batman wins he’s rebuilding his burned down house or running from the law. It’s one of those things that self-indulgent critics like that moviegoers don’t like. I suppose it doesn’t matter for DKR because it’s going to make shittons of money regardless of psychopaths doing psychopathic things.

    I don’t read a lot of DC (although I have a subscription to the current run of Batman, thanks to my brother-in-law… I enjoyed the first 9… not so much #10). And I read a lot of Batman, so I get the serious nature of DC. Ironically (maybe), it’s not as realisic as the Marvel universe. For example, some may call me a fanboy follower, but I loved Civil War because of the somewhat realism. I’m also not big on aliens and space invaders. I’m more of a street-level superhero kind of guy. My favorite Marvel series were Marvel Knights and the Alex Maleev Daredevil. Batmanesque stuff to be sure. Anyway, I’m digressing because I prefer writing about comics and things that interest me as opposed to working. Suffice it to say, DKR and the first two films aren’t “comic book popcorn chomping summer blockbusters” in the vein of Avengers or Star Wars or Jaws. They are artsy films dressed up in a cape. I like them, but I can see how others don’t.


  6. DKR is freaking awesome I mean of course not TDK but no should of expected it to be, Nolan told a six movies in 3 I’ll tell you how:

    Batman Begins tells the birth of the Bat.
    TDK is about anarchy not having a plan pure chaos. The chaos would have continued to a third movie with the Joker being caught in the end and Two-face I mean Dent still dying. Making Bats the hated still.

    TDK4 would have introduced crippled Bruce, Bane and Catwomen. Introducing not chaos but pure planned out evil in the form of Bane, still ending with a broken Bat and a destroyed Gotham

    TDK5 or real DKR would have opened with Bruce in a hell trying to get free John Blake emerging as you know who Bane released the prisoners which I guess means the Joker. Returned Bát ending with a recaptured Joker

    Finally The Dark Knight Returns TDK6 Bane fails Thaila fails Catwomen helps I guess. Everything pretty much as the ending DKR



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