This Week’s Comics Haul – Sweltering in the City Edition

It’s too hot to even move; best thing to do is find solace in some air conditioning with a stack of comics. What I picked up this week (And a rare show of restraint!); what did you get? Tell us in the comments!

AvX 08

Before Watchmen Silk Spectre 02

Daredevil 15

Fables 119

Invincible Iron Man 521

Justice League 11

Saga 05

The Dark Tower: The Man in Black 02

Wonder Woman 14

X-O Manowar 03

Books I’ve picked up in the past but this week I was able to show restraint and not buy:

Wolverine ($5 bucks??! C’mon) & Fantastic Four. . Granted it’s only two but it’s a start!

A strong crop of books this week; it’s difficult to pick out which one or two could be the stand-outs this week. But picking two, I’d say it’ll be X-O Manowar and… Daredevil. Daredevil ?!? Yes, DD. I like the current arc, hell, I’ve liked the entire relaunch. It’s a fun book that still feels dangerous for the characters. It’s a delicate balancing act and Mark Waid pulls it off.
Reviews and thoughts on these in the next few days, along with the kick off of the MB Interview series!

5 thoughts on “This Week’s Comics Haul – Sweltering in the City Edition

  1. Torrential rain kept me from my local comic shop today, but digitally I grabbed:

    AvX 8: Nice fight, but kind of felt like it was setting the table for the conclusion.

    Journey Into Mystery #641: WOW. Even without seeing the rest of my projected haul for the week, I already know that this is my book of the week. It’s so good I plan to pick up a physical copy anyway. Almost of a full year’s worth of planning comes to fruition in this issue and then even after that incredible payoff there is a huge surprise at the end.

    I had serious doubts about Keiron Gillen when I started reading this book. I was not a fan of his short run on Thor, but he is exactly the right writer for JiM and kid Loki.

    I say it every issue, but when this gets collected in a trade it is going to be killer.


  2. You’re really selling me on Journey into Mystery; I’m going to have to pick these back issues up to see what you’re talking about. Speaking of picking up back issues, I’m telling you that Incredible Iron Man has been stupendous lately.

    As for AvX, have you heard what the apparent end game is, at least in terms of potential character deaths? Don’t want to spoil anything…regardless, how bad ass was Namor breaking the Hulk’s arm?


    • Man, that arm breaking panel was brruuuttaall. Some one pointed out to me yesterday that Cyclops’s new threads make him look like Nightwing. Now it is all I can see.

      I haven’t heard any spoilers about the end yet.

      Journey is great, but if you do start it I would recommend picking up the first trade:

      This current storyline is only Volume 4 in terms of trades so catching up is not a huge investment. You can also full on skip the Exiles crossover with the New Mutants. It wraps up something that Gillen started in his Thor run, but isn’t really worthwhile unless you are super heavy into Thor-lore.


  3. It is pretty much self-contained.

    Since Siege and Fear Itself were so Thor focused knowing those plots helps. Odin is MIA after Fear Itself and Thor’s tripartite mother is in charge. Also since so many Aesir died during Seige citizens from all nine worlds are now living in Asgard.

    JiM starts a Thor crossover next issue, but up until now I think he-of-the-golden-hair has only been in like two panels.



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