Trailer Park, Tardy SDCC ’12 Edition: Avengers Battle for Earth & Adventure Time!

Somehow this slipped through the news cycle, maybe because…it’s not going to be very good? I’m skeptical of anything Kinect-based anyway (and now WiiU based) but the fact that this didn’t make seemingly any waves at SDCC and that the trailer just kind of snuck out says to me this is quasi-shovelware. Either way, I’ll have to wait and see as I have neither a 360 nor do I plan on buying a Wii U. We here at Modern Borefare are sadly idea rich but cas$h poor. Maybe click on the ad at the bottom of this post, help us out?

After the jump, actual gameplay footage of both Avengers: Battle for Earth and Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?

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