SDCC ’12 – Man of Steel Teaser Poster

If people stayed away from this film, I wonder if it would give studios pause in terms of constant and accelerating franchise reboots?  Doubtful. Look, I SAW Superman Returns. I was THERE, MAN. You don’t know what it was like.  You couldn’t.  And now you’re asking me to go back through it again? I can’t. I just can’t. I don’t even like Superman.

3 thoughts on “SDCC ’12 – Man of Steel Teaser Poster

  1. the caped boy landed with a magnificent whooooshing flourish
    in the parking lot of the local cinema.
    he observed the marquee with an enthusiastic Kryptonian grin,
    purchased a ticket, and entered Theater #3 to see “Superman IV: Quest for Peace”.
    (100 minutes later)
    the boy quietly discarded his cape in the nearest trash receptacle to
    the alleyway exit of the cinema.
    he walked home.


  2. Richard Pryor was the Angel-Devil of “Superman III”. You’ll receive Sweet Chin Music from an irate Gene Hackman if you utter the name of the movie in his presence.



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