SDCC’12: Oh, You Wanted a Marvel Films Update?

Thor's 'a-poppin!CAPybaraReally?Not going to lie, this could be super rad
Tungsten Man doesnt have the same appeal

Check after the jump for some Charlie Wen Guardians of the Galaxy artwork.  Ummm….definitely excited for GoG the most.

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SDCC ’12 – Man of Steel Teaser Poster

If people stayed away from this film, I wonder if it would give studios pause in terms of constant and accelerating franchise reboots?  Doubtful. Look, I SAW Superman Returns. I was THERE, MAN. You don’t know what it was like.  You couldn’t.  And now you’re asking me to go back through it again? I can’t. I just can’t. I don’t even like Superman.