This Week’s Comics Haul – 100 Issues Strong…and Growing

Large pickup this week (but when isn’t it) but a real dearth of time.  Reviews soon! What did you get this week?

Batman 11

Batman and Robin 11

Before Watchmen – Minutemen 2

Bloodshot 1 – most anticipated book of the week (tie)

Chew Secret Agent Poyo 1

Dancer 3

Defenders 8

Harbinger 2

The Massive 2

The Walking Dead 100 – Most anticipated book of the week (tie)

Ultimate Comics X-Men 14

Wolverine and the X-Men 13

7 thoughts on “This Week’s Comics Haul – 100 Issues Strong…and Growing

  1. I suppressed my haul this week and limited myself to:

    – AvX #5 – Great art in the Emma Frost/Thor fight

    – Batman #11 – I kind of stopped caring. Ready for the Joker arc.

    – Conan the Barbarian #6 – Good action, great art, story wrap up for the Messantia arc was a little so-so given the previous two strong issue.

    – Dark Avanegers #3 – I am trying so hard to like this, but the dual D.Avengers/Thunderbolts plot is making it hard.


    • I’ve been COMPLETELY oblivious to the whole Versus series running concurrent with the main AvX. Apparently there is Avengers vs. X-Men AvX AND a Versus AvX. Way to make your crossover super easy to follow Marvel.

      As for AvX #5…did I miss an issue or are you in the process of catching up?

      I have thoughts on Batman 11 coming up.


      • By and large you are not missing anything. This was actually #4 now that I check, the Versus AvX books are monthly instead of bi-weekly. I have read them all, every week I say no more, but they are total junk food and equally hard to stop eating.

        This one I had to get for Thor purposes.


  2. How’s the Before Watchmen stuff? It looked interesting, but I just haven’t gotten up the nerve to invest in it … yet.



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