Quick Hit: Valiant Comics Featured in the New York Times

The resurgent Valiant gets profiled in the Sunday Times (07/08/12):

…two professed comic book geeks — with backing from the turnaround specialist Peter Cuneo, who spent 10 years at Marvel in various roles, including chief executive — are trying to make lightning strike twice with Valiant, a comics company that was a force in the 1990s but fell victim to legal quarrels and bankruptcy. Valiant, which is based in New York, restarted its comics line in May, achieving strong sales, and has five movies in development.

Super stoked!

Mendri’s Return: Steampunk Spider-Man!

Denis Mendri’s unique take on superheros and style has been featured here on modernborefare before and this time he’s going with a different genre and a different company.

“Spider-Man/Spider-Man/Does whatever his steam powered gadgets allow him to do/spins a web/about yay big/Watch out!/Here comes the Spider-Maaaaaaaaaaan.”