Who’s Up for some Medieval Avengers?

Another day, another set of stunning images from deviantart.  This time it’s the Avengers, reimagined in a medieval motif by artist ~theDURRRRIAN.


A Quick Word About Ads

Some of you may have noticed the somewhat-stealthy appearance of ads here on modern borefare this past week.  This is due to my recent acceptance into WordPress’s beta advertising program.  I’m hoping they don’t become too much of a distraction, but by the same token if you see something please click-through! My goal is to ultimately be able to devote myself to MB full-time and I’m hoping this is a (small) step in that direction.  So thank you for everyone who’s taken the time to visit the site and for the comments & likes; I really do appreciate it! Let’s try to get some word-of-mouth going for the next 100 posts!