This Week’s Comics Haul

No time for love, Dr. Jones! And no time for thoughts on this week’s haul just yet.  Soon though, friends.  Soon.  This week though, instead of alphabetically, I’ll sort my acquisition list by the order in which I am most excited to read them, with number one OF COURSE being:

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Century #03 – This requires its own post.

The Manhattan Projects #04 – How good is this series? Strong hints of Planetary here, and in all the good ways.

Batman Incorporated #02 – I’m slowly turning from a Marvel Zombie…

Hit Girl #01 – I can’t help it, I love Millars stuff (with the exception of The Unfunnies which was definitely truth in advertising.

Before Watchmen – Nite Owl #01 – I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the other BW titles, so I’ve some hopes for this.

Justice League #10 – Hopefully the snark from the Lantern & the Flash is met with furious Bat-fisticuffs in this issue.
Wolverine and the X-Men #12 – Go back to whimsy & cleverness, dammit!

American Vampire #28 – Read all of the back issues over the past two weeks; this is a solid series.

Fatale #06 – I can honestly say that I like everything Brubaker writes. Criminal, Incognito and now Fatale.  His fedora & moustache obviously contains all of his writing powers, I must have them!

Justice League Dark #10 – Don’t auite recall what happened last issue, but it was clearly interesting enough for me to pick up the following one.

Batman The Dark Knight #10 – Is Finch still on this book?

FF #19 – Think it’s going to be a wrap on this series too.  Do we really need two Fantastic Four/Future Foundation books?

Incredible Hulk #10 – Didn’t I say I was done buying this series?

Spider-Men #02 – If this is another 20 pages of set-up I’m going to be pissed.

Ultimate Comics Ultimate #12 – I hope everyone dies.


4 thoughts on “This Week’s Comics Haul

  1. Super light week for me.

    Night Owl #1: I thought this was terrible and I love JMS. I just thought it was so boilerplate.

    The Mighty Thor #16: When this current arc gets collected it is going to be one of the most fun trades released this year. Thor running around screaming HAIL SATAN and wearing eyeliner is hilarious.

    Aquaman #10: Meh.

    Curious to hear if Spidermen was any good this week.


  2. I keep thinking there’s going to be a huge payoff for everything in the Before Watchmen stuff. Then I remember there is. It’s called Watchmen.

    Now I’m intrigued about Thor. Is it the last few issues of that & Journey into Mystery? Check out this week’s Wolverine & the X-Men for some interesting Thor/Namor interaction.

    Somehow missed Aquaman #10, which is surprising. I’ve generally found that to be one of the very best New 52 books.


    • I actually did pick up Wolverine on your tip, I was not disappointed!

      Re: Thor. Journey kind of does its own thing, they haven’t really crossed over in a big way for a while now. You can see how they might be building to it though in the current Journey arc.

      If JMS’s Thor was Game of Thrones (it is my fav run and by now I have read a lot of them), then Fraction’s is like a John Scalzi novel. That is a terrible analogy actually. The point is, Fraction’s Thor is all about fun. A lot of writer’s can’t pull that off with all the thees and thous. His Thor doesn’t have the depth of JMS’s, but Fraction’s Asgard is just a fun place to hang out.

      Recommended, but probably a little confusing to jump into as this arc is in the process of wrapping up.


  3. Glad you picked up Wolverine & enjoyed it. The first two arcs are in the same vein. As for Thor, maybe I’ll wait for this arc to end and pick up the trade in a few months. It sounds cool and I like Fraction a lot, so I’m sold.



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