If You Like It, Then You Shoulda Put a Hot Dog On It

You know the feeling: jammed into the 6 train with some weirdo all up in your grill, weird smells emanating from just…everywhere. “GAH!”,  you think to yourself. “THIS CITY! CAN’T…TAKE IT….ANYMORE.” Previously when this happened, you would suffer an aneurysm and just die.  Those days are over.  Now we can place hot dogs that fall gently from the sky (the tears of a meat-based space god? We’ll never know) atop the heads of our fellow inhabitants of this & other perilous cities in the new iOS game, “Heads Up! Hot Dogs.” Please to enjoy the trailer below.

I’ll (hopefully) be interviewing one of the game’s creators in the not too distant future, kicking off a long-gestating interview feature.  LOOKIT ME I’M A NEWFANGLED JOURNALIST *runs off to teletype machine, files copy*


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