AvX #6 – – reminiscent of The Authority.  Cyclops still auditioning for lead singer of Cameo. Hope actually looks like a teenager. Emma is wearing something wholly impractical. Thor v. Cyclops! Ok, this book has definitely redeemed itself, especially with the final panel & Cyclops pronouncement. This could actually be leading to something bad-ass! I will definitely stay tuned.

Before Watchmen: Comedian #01 – I’m starting to come around on these Before Watchmen titles. This offered some interesting twists on established ’60’s myths, so I applaud them for that.  The one thing that always bugged me about Watchmen  was, if seemingly everyone knew Eddie Blake was The Comedian at one point in time, why was everyone then so mystified & amazed when Rorschach uncovered Blake’s secret costume stash in Watchmen#1? Did everyone forget? Answers people! I need them!

Daredevil # 14 : A Date with DOOM!: Ok, it’s not really called that, but Dr. Doom does show up up.  In fact, last we saw Matt he was trapped in a box in Castle Doom in Latveria. HOW. WILL. HE . ESCAPE? I ain’t saying nuthin’ beyond “clever premise.”

Fables #118 – a terrifying twist I didn’t see coming. Much creepier than expected.

Grim Leaper #2 – Still an interesting premise, but the last panel, while disgusting, also introduced a brand new character  that had me leafing back through the book trying to figure out exactly who was being talked about. Hate that.  Though I dug the little 4 part EC Comics-esque story in the back, which featured a whole new disgusting way to kill someone.

Saga #04 – I guess Vaugh takes a while to get going.  The story is definitely ramping up and there’s super bizarre things popping up in every issue.  I just hope he starts to unveil a bit more of the narrative soon.

The Dark Tower: The Man in Black #01 – First off, The Stand  is one of my ALL-TIME favorite books (the unabridged version, of course). Odd then that it took me until just two years ago before I picked up The Dark Tower. While the comics were cool and some beautifully illustrated, they just felt like re-treads on something I’d just read.  I picked this up as a way to hopefully shine more light on one of King’s strongest creations, Randall Flagg a.k.a The Main in Black a.k.a The Walking Dude.

The Punisher #12 – Frank still has one eye, but that doesn’t stop him from stomping his female quasi-partner senseless in a trash-filled alley over a picture. Why am I still reading this?

The Walking Dead #99 – Set up set up set up.  Issue #100 promises to be huge.  At this point, how can they not kill Rick?  I think that’s the safe bet.  Or even crazier, EVERYONE gets eaten and they just end the series that way, on the darkest note possible.

Uncanny X-Men #14 – Did Mr. Sinister just say he was a eunuch? Regardless, an XCELLENT (see what I did there? That’s called laziness.) return to form here.  Mister Sinister, here in his current role as devilish 19th-century English gentleman, shines as a an almost unparalleled mastermind.  Really, like Lex-Luthor-from-Red-Son type shizz. From the interesting twist on “let loose the hounds!” to learning how far his genetic manipulation & cloning goes, Sinister as a serious threat is back. Pick this issue up.

Wolverine #308 – I can already tell this is going to be terrible…(opens cover) yep, I was right.  This is clearly House of 1000 Corpses / The Devil’s Rejects, just set in the Marvel U. & starring Wolverine.  It also seems that the “brain-wash Wolverine to be a secret killer thing” has gone beyond trope & into the realm of cliche. This was was much better done in Mark Millar & John Romita Jr’s Wolverine: Enemy of the State. 

Wonder Woman #10 – Not as good as past issues but it does feature an interesting escape from Hell and a dog-headed medusa gets head-butted by an Englishman. HEADBUTTS FOR ALL.

Side Note: What’s with the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ? Read With Leather’s Best & Worst of Raw to find out.  It’s one of the highlights of my Internet week.


  1. I also thought AvX was strong this week. Having Olivier Coipel take over the art didn’t hurt either.

    Picked up Saga too, I agree that I am going to need more that “we’re running away” real soon to stay interested. This plot is crawling, but the human centipede, Prince Computer, Lying Cat, and such keep me coming back every week.

    Other pick ups:

    Journey Into Mystery #640: I swear these things are like weeklies at this point. My one complaint about Kid Loki is that he can be a little too precocious in his mischief sometimes. I just miss evil Loki every so often. This issue makes it look like he might be starting to return to form.

    Secret Avengers #28: The AvX crossover here started real strong and has gotten progressively weaker. It ends with this issue and I suspect my readership of this book will too.

    Dark Avengers #2: Much stronger than #1, but WTF!? Let’s introduce an entirely new Dark Avengers team in issue #1, barely say anything about them or give them any time to get us interested, and then completely abandon them in issue #2 so that we can focus the whole issue on the time traveling Thunderbolts team that the Dark Avengers are supposed to be replacing.

    All I learned here is that the old Thunderbolts team is way better than the new Dark Avengers team. I mean, Ragnarok is seriously the most boring character ever created.

    The Twelve, Vol. 2: I eschewed the last six issues so that I could wait to read them all at once. I suspect that how much I like this series and how good it actually is have almost nothing to do with one another, but damn I sure like it a lot.


  2. Definitely noticed the uptick in art for this round of AvX. I like that Cyclops is actually a badass for once. I think the weirdness of Saga is what keeps me intrigued. It’s certainly not the main characters, as I completely forget what their names are. But the half-ghost girl & definitely Lying Cat are high points. The TV people as well.

    You are correct in your theory that comics have started coming out more frequently. Marvel upped the number of books that are coming out bi-monthly. Check it out:

    I think all the Avengers books have just turned into so much junk. They were really a high point for a few years; hell even the relaunch of Avengers last year or so when the Hood tries to get the Infinity Gems was AWESOME. Then it just kind of disintegrated into blah.

    I leafed through the new Dark Avengers/Thunderbolts book…was thinking the same thing. WHY did they introduce that other team last issue?

    Completely ignorant of The Twelve. I will investigate.


  3. The Twelve is a J Michael Straczynski book. I know he can be polarizing. I personally like him a lot.

    Premise is that the during the (Marvel) Civil War the government finds a bunch of old Golden Age superheroes that were trapped by the Nazis during WWII and cryogenically frozen. Hoping that this group (of twelve) would be more willing to work with the government due to the fact that they are from the 1940s and were basically GMen to start with they defrost them and try to assemble them into some kind of team.

    The crossovers with the main continuity don’t go a lot further than that aside from a few Easter Eggs and one or two cameos, but the series is definitely interesting. All of these characters were actual Golden Age heroes, although most never had their own book. It is interesting to see how JMS reinvents them.

    Keeping with the theme the whole thing is twelve issues long and it is all available now. It went on hiatus for like two years when JMS left Marvel. It looks like he may have been setting a few of the characters up to continue afterwards as an ongoing series, but then he left for DC so I guess we may never know.



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