YES: New Saints Row the Third DLC – Witches & Weiners

New DLC for my favorite game of 2011. Sadly, this is just a costume pack, with what looks to be a new vehicle (flying broom, for the witches).  However, worth watching for a jacked angel splattering a pedestrian with a giant purple dildo.

I’ve definitely fallen behind on my DLC purchases for games that I actually like.  The first two “content drops” for Modern Warfare 3 kept me entertained for awhile, but somehow I just never got around to getting anything for Fallout: New Vegas (buggy but awesome) or for Saint’s Row.  Maybe after I wrap Max Payne 3 I’ll loop back and pick all those packs up.  Then again, L.A. Noire is at the top of my play next queue, so who knows WHAT’LL happen? Life: she’s a mystery.


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