This Week’s Comic Haul With BONUS Reflections

This is what happens when you slack off; you have to combine two posts into one.  NOW YOU KNOW.  Let’s get to it:

Animal Man #10 – The exceptional run continues.  Buddy Baker’s wife continues to ignore good advice, his son with the exceptional mullets meets someone unexpected, flying dogs to the rescue and Buddy finding out what’s in store for him…good issue.

Avengers vs. X-Men #05 – GAH.  My brain…definite points for coming up with an ending I did not see coming.  Whether that ending is any good…I’ll discuss further in the comments to keep this as spoiler free as possible.

Before Watchmen: The Minutemen #01 – So torn on buying this book but in the end, what are you going to do? Not buy it?  It’s Watchmen, for chrissake.  Even if it is a complete and utter train wreck.  But you know? I didn’t hate this issue.  There were some interesting allusions made, some tentative groundwork laid.  HOWEVER. Was Watchmen so successful due in some part to the fact that you didn’t have the complete story?  That even after 12 issues, you had to drawn your own conclusions?    Whatever this series becomes (I’m talking about the entire Before Watchmen plan DC’s got) I’m hoping it doesn’t trample upon the original too much.  I’ll definitely be reading the original 12 after these all wrap up.

Detective Comics #10 – Seemed like a placeholder title, honestly.  I’ll give it until #12 before I decide whether to continue reading or not. The villain had a cool design at least.

Harbinger #01 – YES. SO AWESOME.  I have zero idea how old you are or how long you’ve read comics, but I first became aware of Valiant Comics through my local comic shop & Wizard back when I was still buying every shit derivative Blood/Fire/Death/Hell/Stryke book Image was putting out.  By then it was too late; the early books were way too scarce and way too expensive for someone with a 20 hour a week minimum wage job to pick up.  But the sense that these were somehow different and better  definitely permeated the first few years of Valiant, before they expanded their line, got caught up in the creative and production death spiral that was Deathmate (look it up), started pumping out double chromium covers on everything and eventually got bought by Acclaim before finally dying an ugly death.  WELL.  Now it’s back and back to basics and it F’N RULES.  Buy this.  X-O Manowar too.  So excited to see where these go from here.  Toyo Harada is a bad mutha.

Swamp Thing #10 – This also had the feel of a tweener issue. The artist also swapped out for the book, so that was a bit disconcerting.  I’m intrigued by Anton Arcade though.  Seeing as how he killed Swamp Thing and all this…

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #11 – Like Phil Collins said, I don’t care anymore.  Sorry Miles, I’ve been with you for 11 issues and I’m getting your book out of habit more than anything else.  Time to break on out of here.

Uncanny X-Men #13 – I think Marvel wants me to stop giving them my money.  At least for X titles.  Storm narrating how her husband The Black Panther beat the shit out of her? “He eventually got his K.O.”? Is this a video game? Then Rulk snapping Psylocke’s arm via joint manipulation?  LIKE HE WOULDN’T HAVE JUST TORN IT OFF AND BEAT HER TO DEATH WITH IT.  GTFO.  Then some story about some X third stringers I don’t care about.  Then a last page appearance by Super Slut Force. (See comments as I don’t want to give any spoilers here).

XO Manowar #02 – Can I just read this every week? So awesome. In case I didn’t say it strongly enough earlier, you should really be reading these Valiant books.  Especially with Bloodshot and Archer & Armstrong on the way. 

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Comic Haul With BONUS Reflections

  1. I didn’t see the ending coming in AvX either, but that doesn’t make me hate it any less! The only good thing about this crossover thus far has been the Secret Avengers and Thor vs. the Kree story arc.

    And speaking of Thor, here is my haul:

    The Mighty Thor Annual #1: I wish Matt Fraction had written this, but I guess he was busy on AvX this week. JM Dematteis spins a big Marvel cosmic story that features Galactus, Oblivion, Scrier, and the Other with Thor and the Silver Surfer getting knocked around like ping pong balls. Nice art by Richard Elson, but I like my stories on a lower plain of existence.

    Journey Into Mystery #639: People love this book, I feel like it can be hit and miss, but this week’s was a hit. After the somewhat ham-handed treatment of kid Loki by Dan Abnett in the Exiles crossover (including an actual, non-ironic “not” joke) this was a nice return to form for Keiron Gillen’s boy wonder.

    Dark Avengers #1: I am not going to make any judgements yet, but this doesn’t seem even half as interesting as the original Dark Avengers run.


  2. Why doesn’t getting possessed by the Phoenix Force suddenly make your costume super sexy? Namor & Emma’s pants both disappeared! And now Colossus is Colussus + Juggernaut + Phoenix? What, is he now one of Skrulls form Secret Invasion?

    -Kid Loki? Really. Wow. I’ve really been ignoring all of the Marvel cosmic stuff as of late. The closest I’ve gotten is via AvX and the FF /Fantastic Four books.

    -As for Dark Avengers, didn’t it go something like Thunderbolts -> Dark Avengers -> Thunderbolts ->Dark Avengers redux?

    Have you been reading any of the New 52 stuff?



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