This Week’s Comics Haul

Oof, last week’s reprieve was only temporary.  Here’s what I picked up this week.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #39 -Remember when annuals was synonomous with rushed out garbage aimed at collecting a fast $2/$3 trading, featuring terrible stories and worse art?  Clearly I don’t because I bought THREE this week. That’s what happens when you’re an adult with disposable income.

Animal Man Annual #01 – See above.  Also, please be good.

Batman Annual #01 – See above.  Also, please be good.

More after the jump:

FF #18 – I’m not reading so many comics that I forget what I read the month before. This seems like a fun problem to have except now I’m picking these books up and staring at them on the way home, questioning (amongst other things) “WHY did I pick this up again?”

Incredible Hulk #08 – Less creepy eyeball jazz this go round, please.

SuperCrooks #02 & #03 – the first one was cool!

Ultimate Comics Ultimates #11 -Didn’t some former FANTASTIC individual blow up the world or something?  The whole “widecreen comics” thing that Millar pioneered is a bit played out now.  Let’s get to the resolution already folks.

The Walking Dead #98 – Come this far.

Wolverine and the X-Men #11 – One of the few Marvel titles I don’t even think twice about buying.

Wolverine #307 – One of the many Marvel titles I often think twice about buying.

X-Men #29 – I think I bought this due to the terrible cover. NOT the reason to buy something! This also goes against my rule of buying cross over tie-ins.  I got burnt bad during The Infinity War and The Infinity Crusade.

Feel like I missed something though..I may have to swing back through the store tomorrow as I was in a bit of a rush today. When I write up some reviews later in the week I’m also going to touch on last week’s issue of Batman Inc,  which I thought was incredible yet frustrating.


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