This Week’s Comics Haul

Oof, last week’s reprieve was only temporary.  Here’s what I picked up this week.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #39 -Remember when annuals was synonomous with rushed out garbage aimed at collecting a fast $2/$3 trading, featuring terrible stories and worse art?  Clearly I don’t because I bought THREE this week. That’s what happens when you’re an adult with disposable income.

Animal Man Annual #01 – See above.  Also, please be good.

Batman Annual #01 – See above.  Also, please be good.

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Almost Time To Suit Up: Mass Effect Hoodies Inbound

Months ago (I believe) a DeviantArt contributor ginned up an awesome collection of Mass Effect inspired hoodies; most people saw them, thought they were super rad (which they are) and moved on.  Not lupodirosso, the artist behind the hoodies.  Apparently she was able to wrangle a BioWare meeting and now they’re getting produced! Which means that at some point in the near future, you’ll actually be able to wear some Krogan armor out and about (probably won’t stop any sort of munitions, but something’s better than nothing). The only problem is picking which one(s) to get. I’m thinking Kaiden, Mordin and possibly Thane. I like that the designs don’t scream “VIDEO GAMES!” like some game inspired apparel does, while at the same time being a not-so-subtle nod to our culture & hobby. Check out lupodirosso’s Deviantart page for further information and more detailed designs.

Mass Effect hoodies