How Many $150 Borderlands 2 Special Editions Do I Need?

Definitely one.  C’mon, scale model Loot Chest. That’s in addition to the Deluxe Vault Hunter’s Collector’s Edition which has a hardcover Art of Borderlands 2 book (which I’ll never look at), A Marcus Kincaid bobblehead (my VaultBoy bobblehead needs a friend) stickers (STICKERS!), Pandora planet map (useless), digital comic download code (I’ll never redeem it), in-game DLC which I’m thinking is the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club, which comes with any pre-order.  The Premiere club DLC is a Golden Key, Vault Hunter’s Relic, Gearbox Gunpack & a new character class (the Mechromancer). SO that’s what you get in the Deluxe edition, but we’re concerned with the Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition. Your extra $50 gets you the scale model Loot Chest, a steelbook case for your game (to what end?) an ID chart for all the creatures populating Pandora (see map earlier) postcards (boo.  Not as cool as stickers), another map of Pandora (this one is cloth, so at least I can use it to dry dishes in a pinch), field notes from some in-game NPC (lame) and a certificate of authenticity (wha?). How many will you be picking up?

$150...Are you in or are you out?

2 thoughts on “How Many $150 Borderlands 2 Special Editions Do I Need?

  1. I don’t think Halo 3, MW3 or Skyrim had that many special editions combined. Borderlands 2 probably will be a good game, most likely a better than average game, but I do not see Borderlands 2 as game-changer in the industry that warrants all of this useless crap. I’m going to have the same reaction to this as I did with infamous 2. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s one less thing for which i can curb my enthusiasm.


  2. I think these editions are for the diehard fans. I, too, dug the first Borderlands. I bought most of the DLC for it. But I’m not going to buy any of these special editions. Any of the ingame bonuses are included if you pre-order the game; the rest of this stuff is superflous. If I was building a shrine or displaying it all in my apartment, that would be a different story.

    That being said, maybe I could turn the loot chest into a bed for my cat…



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