I need a time machine so I can travel to the future and play this

Assassin’s Creed III trailer:

At first I was super disappointed in yesterday’s news that Bioshock Infinite was going to be delayed. After the AAA Glut of Fall ’11 (as it will forever be known) though, the thought of some breathing room in the Q4 release schedule was delightful. Indeed, since I’d played about 45 minutes of ACI and the entire length of  the never-ending ACII, I wasn’t expecting to even give the third (5th?) entry in the series much thought.  So, damn you trailer! Damn you…

(pre-order complete)


Sony: Selling Things Nobody Really Wants

Nobody wants this

So, Sony is selling a PS3 Call of Duty bundle with…nothing? You get the console, the game and *one* controller for $299? Wha…why? What good does this do anyone? No DLC vouchers, no sneak peek at Black Ops 2, no cool limited edition paint job, just, “here, have this stuff we put in this box”? Sony, I love you but c’mon.

UNRELATED (or is it): Per Kotaku, the Playstation division lost $2.8 billion dollars last year. Which Sony is attributing due to the flooding in Thailand and the PS3 price cut, but definitely not to terrible console bundles.