This Week’s Comics Haul

Batman #09 (Night of the Owls tie-in)

Batman and Robin #09 (Night of the Owls tie-in)

Fairest #03 (Fables spin-off)

Fatale #05 (C’mon, if Brubaker is writing it chances are I’m buying it)

Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand #05 (not a huge Dark Horse fan or Mignola/Hellboy for that matter, but the name caught my attention)

Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #10 (madness in the Ultimates universe)

Ultimate Comics: X-Men #11 (ditto)

Uncanny X-Force #25 (i don’t know why I keep reading this.  It started off as a pretty cool series, but this last story arc was a muddled mess)

The Walking Dead #97 – less talk, more zombie murder

Wolverine and the X-Men #10 (one of my favorite new books going, alongside Wonder Woman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing & Aquaman.)

For someone who swore up and down that the New 52 was a terrible idea, that it was yet another DC fiasco, etc etc…I find myself looking forward to those books more than just about anything else on the shelves most weeks.

3 thoughts on “This Week’s Comics Haul

  1. Nice haul this week. I just got The Incredibe Hulk #1 and 2 and Scarlet Spider #5. I whole heartedly agree with you for X-Force. You might want to check out Batman: Arkham Unhinged. Also im setting up to review comic lines with updates for them. also streaching out to reveiw movies and table top games and all. only a few posts so far but im getting to it. follow me ill follow you?


    • Thanks! The new Incredible Hulk series is great, i just wish that Silvestri could’ve stayed on the title for more than a few issues. I’ll take a look at Arkham Unhinged. I’m starting off as well; you’re site is cool! And now following.


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