I Bleed Spent Shell Casings

So despite what I may have written/hinted at/set in stone before, I’ve picked up Modern Warfare 3 again.

“Why, you’re nothing but a liar!” you are saying to yourself.  What happened to those grandiose Space Bastard plans?

What happened is that when it comes right down to it…I just don’t care enough to devote another 60 hours to the last two-thirds of a space trilogy that never really grabbed me in the way that I had been promised.  I love the idea of it all but the execution of it always left me wanting more.

Now, Modern Warfare 3 is no savior either.  But as I confront the ugly fact that I am starting to have less and less time for gaming, I have to decide whether playing tag-with-guns is more enjoyable that waiting for that GODDAMN SCANNER TO LET ME PASS into the Normandy’s command center.

And don’t even get me started on chasing those call signs & badges.


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