Return of the Space Bastards

Having just finished Mass Effect 3 (controversial ending was controversial…or was it?) as a paragon of space truth & space beauty, with a collection of special friends from across the alien spectrum, I feel I must now heed the siren call of wanton destruction and balls-out SPACE MADNESS.  In other words, it’s time for me to go back in time and fulfill my destiny by becoming the ULTIMATE SPACE BASTARD I’ve always known I would become.  Why fight my nature?  I always pick the “good” option when it pops up on the dialogue wheel but deep down, I want, no need to tell those Ansari to go fuck themselves. Tough luck, Krogan! Have fun with that genophage!  The Council should rightfully get blowed the fuck up but they pay the bills so tough luck, everyone else.

Mass Effect 3, back in your case! Mass Effect 2, back in active rotation!  I’m not going through this play through for trophies or to level up anyone; this go ‘round is all about repercussions.  How, exactly, will ME3 play when I go out of my way in ME2 to a)make all the “wrong” decisions and b)try to kill absolutely everyone?

Let’s find out.


One thought on “Return of the Space Bastards

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