Trailer Park – Well…here it is: Rage 2

is this mad max.


…why though?

Bethesda announced a sequel to its 2011 first person meh-fest Rage today – the inspired sounding Rage 2. <sigh> Gameplay footage tomorrow, so more about this blahgasm then.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 3.17.16 PM

The only thing I remember from the first one (which of course I bought) was that the intro was pretty bad ass. Was there a boomerang thing? Were the weapons cool? I think there was a driving component? I really don’t know.

For real though – next-gen reboot of Primal Rage or GTFO.

Trailer Park – Ant-Man & The Wasp

I’m wrong again, as I never thought Ant-Man would work in the first place and here we are with a sequel. This might be Paul Rudd’s perfect role. Also, how has he looked the same for the past twenty years,?

PS – Didn’t some other Marvel movie just come out or something? Forever Glove or Eternal Mitten or something? Anybody see it? Thoughts on it go in the comments below, True Believers!

Panel Picks – Oops I forgot again

Think this might be two, maybe even three weeks worth of panels. I’ve saved ’em all up for you to savor. So, get to savorin’.


Loki breaks down all of the upcoming Marvel events. Doctor Strange #385


…still interested in said robots.


Well this is absolutely horrible. Astonishing X-Men #8


That’s the face Spider-Man makes when he thinks he’s about to get some. ASM #796

So. Many. More. after the saltar

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Panel Picks – What, were you expecting these in a timely fashion?


I desperately need a Mike Allred Adam Warlock series (Infinity Countdown Adam Warlock #1)


Lots going on here (Mother Panic/Batman #1)


The future, forevermore (The Wicked and The Divine 1923AD)


Absolutely horrifying nightmare scenario (Luke Cake #169…nice)


Wait…junk is different than ‘nads? But Beast Boy does bring up a serious question re: superhero costuming (Deathstroke Annual #1)

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