Dreams Come True – A Decade Too Late



INFINITY GEMS (they aren’t Infinity stones, you hacks. Gems. They’re gems.)

Be still my black, black heart. Except…I’ve aged out of fighting games. I no longer have the patience nor the time to memorize combos and ultimate attacks for 30 characters at a clip. My muscle memory is shot! I mean, i’ll still give you a run for your $$$ if you want to break out Tekken (3 OR 5) or UFC Undisputed or Soul Caliber or WWE Here Comes the Pain or any SF2 iteration or World Heroes or Samurai Showdown…but I pretty much drew the line at MvC3 (or rather had the line drawn FOR me, as I  I would get absolutely butchered on the regular)

Now get off my lawn and leave me to my Witcher 3 wanderings. Get too close and I’ll run you through. *shakes canesword*

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Dressed to Kill

Say what you will about the (ed.note: absolutely horrible) Silver Dust economy, introduced in Destiny’s latest/last expansion, Rise of Iron, but it DID introduce a way to customize your favorite guns. A pain in the ass, incredibly grind-y way to customize, but dress ’em up regardless. What I didn’t realize is that there would be an ongoing rollout of ornaments for Legendary weapons but this week’s Bungie update set me straight with sick new looks for Bad JuJu, Red Death and Thorn coming by the end of the year (with Black Spindle and The Last Word still to come!). Thanks, Bungo, for not letting me move on to ostensibly better games (I’m looking at you, Arkham Knight and The Witcher 3). GRIND FOREVER *clap clap clapclapclap* GRIND FOREVER *clap clap clapclapclap*

What is HYPE May Never Die

What sort of alchemists do Bungie employ? How did they turn a game that was straight basura from tip to tail when it was released into a completely unputdownable gem that I’ve been playing almost daily for the past year? Much as I credit Untappd for pushing me further into the craft beer rabbit hole, all credit/blame must go to the Destiny subreddit for deepening the obsession/mania. Thanks?