I Want a Long Flat Sarlaac Pit that I Can Drop My Work Enemies Into

Straight out of Lisbon, Portuguese artist/designer Filipe Carvalho brings some pretty stunning interpretations of classic Star Wars iconography, in a flat yet visually interesting way.  Check out his Behance page for more of his work as well as numerous other Long Shadow Flat Design pieces.
Star_wars_longshadow-06 Star_wars_longshadow-07 Star_wars_longshadow-05 640 (2) 640 (1) 640


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Deadpool Movie Test Footage Leaked – Watch It While You Can

Remember X-Men Origins: Wolverine? If so, I’m sure that you remember the terrible story, horrific continuity issues, the screen debut of one Mr. will.i.am as well as the cinematic debut of everyone’s favorite red clad psychopath, Deadpool. Fans were psyched to finally see the Merc with a Mouth in a film and instead we got…this:


Laser-eyes? Check. Sword-arms? Check. Teleportation? Check. No mouth. DOUBLE CHECK *mic drop*

Despite that particularly noxious Deadpool shaped turd and the bad taste it left in everyone’s mouth, some brave soul decided to sack\lip up and tried to garner some excitement for a Deadpool movie by shooting some test footage a few years later, which has now “leaked”. Who knows how long this will stay up, but watch the clip while you can.  Who would’ve guessed: Deadpool done (potentially) right:


A REAL Origin story

SDCC ’14: Odds & Sods/Bits & Bobs

As the San Diego Comic Con wraps for another year, here’s a quick look at a few other pieces of news that caught our collective attention:

Cyclops-6-Cover-Lozano Cyclops-7-Cover-Lozano-600x920



  • Aaaand here’s why DC’s continuity will never not be a mess aka let’s look at Grant Morrison’s map of the DC Multiverse (will keep hunting for a clearer image)multiversity-mapLook for this monstrosity and its equally terrible event, The Multiversity to inflect your local comic book stores sometime in August. Bonus: Morrison’s original sketch:Multiversity-Map-Sketch
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2 set for 07/28/17; is this the first time a yet-to-be-released movie has been green lit/had a premiere date set for it?
  • We’ll leave you with may be the coolest sight from San Diego: an Infinity Gauntlet-brandishing Josh Brolin. Hell yeah.

Trailer Park,SDCC ’14 Edition: From Tusks to Horns & Everything in Between

So many trailers coming out of San Diego this year but lucky for you, we’ve got most of them (well, the ones that matter) right here.  Sit back/hunch over, click play and let us know what you’re most/least looking forward to in the comments below! My favorite so far has got to be Kevin Smith’s Tusk, followed by Constantine. Let’s hope the casting shakeups & lack of smoking won’t derail the entire show.


The Walking Dead Season 5

Preview of the Family Guy/The Simpson’s crossover.  Watch it while you still can!

Mad Max: Fury Road

Robert Kirkman’s Air:

The Flash



Tekken 7

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor  – Bright Lord Trailer

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – Gravewalker Trailer

Lords of the Fallen

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Assassin’s Creed – Unity

Friday Night Flix: Banshee Chapter

banshee chapter 5

Welcome to Friday Night Flix, where there’s never a need to leave the couch or put on pants. Each week I’ll recommend an under-the-radar movie currently available on one or more of the major streaming platforms. They won’t all be classics, but every selection is guaranteed to be 100% watchable or your money back.

Banshee Chapter (Netflix) came to me highly recommended. I wouldn’t say it’s a great movie but it’s certainly several notches above most recent mid-grade horror. And mercifully it’s not found footage even though its documentary/investigation angle would lend itself perfectly to that hideously overused format.

banshee chapter1

The story starts with a filmmaker who takes some obscure drug on camera, supposedly in furtherance of an investigation into illegal government experiments. Shit goes sideways and he and his cameraman are never seen again. Along comes his best pal from college, a gorgeous journalist played by Katia Winter. Winter may be known to Sleepy Hollow fans as Ichabod’s wife Katrina. (Are there fans of Sleepy Hollow? I mean, it’s okay, right?)

This journalist starts following the clues to find out what happened, beginning with the strange sounds playing on the radio when her friend vanished. The trail will take her to the nifty world of shortwave radio operators and the real-life mystery of the so-called “numbers stations,” phantom frequencies that perpetually broadcast random numbers and words from unknown locations for unknown reasons.

This touches on one of my particular fetishes when it comes to supernatural horror. Movies like White Noise are right up my alley because the idea of technology accidentally tapping into something incomprehensible sounds totally plausible to me. (As does bigfoot. Shut up.)

banshee chapter 2

The otherworldly connection between the chemical compound and the numbers stations is pretty solid until it comes time to pay the check. It feels like writer-director Blair Erickson had a great idea for a supernatural thriller but no clue as to how how to finish it. He fails to answer fundamental questions like, is there a tangible entity involved or not? I suppose the ambiguity may be intentional but I found it frustratingly lazy. It’s his first real movie so I’m sure he’ll do better next time.

Banshee Chapter gets bogged down a little in the conspiracy angle, which frankly is superfluous. There’s a lot of grainy, black and white footage from a secret bunker depicting horrific experiments, blah blah blah. So sure, suppose those tapes did survive for 40 years or whatever. Suppose this lady did get her hands on them within like two days of looking despite the fact that no one has ever managed to do so before. If I was her, I’d just run to the cops and be all, “Hey, the government is torturing U.S. citizens and got my friend killed!” She just sees all those atrocities as another piece of the puzzle. At the very least that would be enough to get a guest spot on Good Morning America.

banshee chapter 6

Added bonus: Ted Levine is the shit. You probably remember him as Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs but you’ve seen him in at least a handful of other films. He has a deep, croaking voice, furrowed, leathery skin and a permanent expression of sarcastic displeasure with the world. He’s always good but in this movie he really shines, bringing real gravity to what on the page must have been a one-note Hunter S. Thompson knockoff. Banshee Chapter owes approximately 58.9% of its value to Levine’s presence.

banshee chapter 3


SDCC ’14: A Post about Posters

GLORY BE, San Diego Comic Con ’14 is upon us!

Harry Potter is the Devil! Well….or Daniel Radcliffe plays the protagonist in Horns, the adaptation of the pretty cool Joe Hill novel of the same name that I didn’t even know was being made into a film:



So you like movie posters? You like AVENGERS MOVIE POSTERS? Well then, feast your gamma-irradiated eyes below:

53d1215076317 53d120ddcc75b avengers-age-ultron-comic-con-poster-iron-man avengers-age-ultron-comic-con-poster-scarlet-witchaouquicksilver_largeaouhawkeye_largeffawfac_largefawefawe_of_ultron_13_large

Now that Edgar Wright is gone, I’m not sure how much I really care about Ant-Man anymore.  Until the Internet tells me how to feel, check out the recently unveiled poster:Ant-Man-Comic-Con-poster


More to come from San Diego, as soon as I get a moment to post!

Trailer Park – The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land – New Game Shambles onto the Mobile Scene

Just a quick tease at this point though I’m curious to see if any game play gets revealed at Comic Con this week? As right now, while pretty, the trailer isn’t telling me all that much and neither is the game’s site. Since there is exactly zero information about this game, here’s what I’m hoping for: a cross between Dead Island & Resident Evil, which will basically ensure that I will give you all of my monies in incremental micro-payments. It’ll be interesting to see what Next Games does to differentiate its product from the stellar Walking Dead games which TellTale Games keeps dropping on us.